Welcome 09:00 - 09:05
Plenary session A: 09:05 - 09:50

Session CS1 Room: B103
Keynote Talk 23.08.2014    09:05 - 09:50
Chair: Jacques Savoy Organizer: Manfred Gilli
  C116:   E. Ronchetti
  A Brief Journey up and down Some Robustness Hills
Coffee break 09:50 - 10:20
Plenary session B: 10:20 - 12:10

Session CS2 Room: B103
Econometrics and finance 23.08.2014    10:20 - 12:10
Chair: Manfred Gilli Organizer: Manfred Gilli
  C109:   A. Amendola, V. Candila, A. Scognamillo (canceled)
  Investigating volatility behaviour in energy commodity prices
  C115:   V. Czellar, L. Calvet
  Accurate Methods for Approximate Bayesian Computation Filtering
  C101:   R. Neck, D. Blueschke
  Optimal fiscal policies after the "Great Recession": A case study for Slovenia
  C110:   T. Mizuno, T. Ohnishi, T. Watanabe
  Forecasting volatility using financial big data sets
  C111:   R. Hisano, T. Mizuno, T. Ohnishi, T. Watanabe
  Large scale empirical analysis of buyer-seller network and its role in the business cycle
Lunch 12:10 - 14:10
Plenary session C: 14:10 - 15:40

Session CS3 Room: B103
Methodological statistics and data analysis 23.08.2014    14:10 - 15:40
Chair: Joyce Niland Organizer: Manfred Gilli
  C103:   I. Gomes, F. Caeiro, F. Figueiredo
  Partially reduced-bias Value-at-Risk estimation
  C104:   G. Marra, R. Radice, P. Filippou (canceled)
  Testing the hypothesis of exogeneity in regression spline bivariate probit models
  C105:   R. Radice, G. Marra, M. Wojtys
  Copula regression spline models for binary outcomes
  C112:   S. Fujimoto, T. Mizuno, T. Ohnishi, C. Shimizu, T. Watanabe
  Locality and universality of population distribution
Coffee break 15:40 - 16:20
Plenary session D: 16:20 - 17:30

Session CS4 Room: B103
Computational statistics 23.08.2014    16:20 - 17:30
Chair: Roy Welsch Organizer: Manfred Gilli
  C114:   C. Gatu, C. Barna, E. Kontoghiorghes
  A graph approach for minimum within-cluster sum of squares grouping
  C107:   A. Karaivanova, E. Atanassov, T. Gurov
  Energy aware performance study for Markov Chain Monte Carlo applications
  C113:   P. Fischer, A. Hilbert (canceled)
  Speeding up break point detection with dynamic programming
Farewell drink 17:30 - 19:30

Conference dinner 20:00 - 22:15