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XP Digital Video Recorders + SV3.5 HDD

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DVR Model Video Record/Play Live Display OS Compression Memory HDD Camera fps Price

Camera Input 4,8,16,32 Channels Video Partition 1, 4, 7, 9, 16 Splits
Display Speed 120,240,480 fps Sensor Input 4,8,16 Channels
Record Speed 120,240,480 fps Alarm Output 8,16 Channels
Audio Input 4,8,16 Inputs
Resolution 640 x 480 / 640 x 240 / 320 x 240
Operation System Microsoft Windows NT/2000, Windows XP Home/Professional Edition
DVR Software ISIS DVR Server Software with Remote Client Software

Computer Hardware Specification
CPU Intel Pentium4 2.4 GHz
Motherboard Intel Chipset D865
RAM Memory 256,512MB DDR
Hard Drive 120GB,240GB,500GB 7200RPM
CD-RW Drive LG 52 x 32 x 52
Graphic Card ATI Expert 2000 AGP/GeForce with 64MB
Sound Card On Board
Network Card On Board
Keyboard and Mouse PS/2 Compatible
Computer Case Tower Case with Power Supply
Operating System Windows XP Home Edition

AVR Series Download
Firmware Client Manual Codec
AVR-412 AVR-812 AVR-1612
3.8.71 7.9.026 5.8.033 AVR-412

TFS Series Download
Software Manual Others
Server Client Multi-DVR Install User Diagram
PDA Client 1.1.0 Works with Windows PocketPC & SmartPhone. 1.1.0  
Dynamic IP Updater ISIS server plug-in. Use only if you have dynamic IP.
Also visit to register your domain.
POS POS Text Inserter for ISIS DVR Server
iPhone For 2-Way Communication
ATI Video Driver For Windows XP / TFS-1648 & TFS-1648D Only / AGP Slot
ATI Video Driver For Windows 2000 / TFS-1648 & TFS-1648D Only / AGP Slot
ATI Video Driver For Windows XP / TFS-1648 & TFS-1648D Only / PCI Express Slot
Release Notes ( | )

CFS/CLS/CHS Series Download
Software Manual Others
Server Client PDA User Install Driver POS Patch IP Patch WMV Patch
11.06.5 11.06.5 11.06.5 Server | Client 11.05.4 11.05.4 11.06.5 11.06.5 11.06.5
v11.06.5 is NOT compatible with Intel 965G/946G onboard video.