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Fully Functional 30 Camera network installed in two weeks using Firetide Mesh Networks
-City of Phoenix

Dallas Case Study Phoenix Case Study

HotPort 6000 mesh nodes provide reliable Ethernet connectivity over a high-performance, self-forming wireless mesh backbone - indoors, outdoors, or onboard moving vehicles. All HotPort nodes have multiple Ethernet ports for connecting network devices or other networks to the wireless mesh.

HotPort 6000 mesh nodes provide up to 70 Mbps throughput and operate at 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz (U.S. public safety licensed band), or 5 GHz. Depending on the model, HotPort 6000 nodes are equipped with either single or dual radios, operating at 400 mW.

Reliable Connectivity Anywhere

Designed for seamless indoor and outdoor operation, the HotPort mesh network securely handles concurrent video, voice, and data applications, making it ideal for municipal, public safety, and industrial networks. The mesh's self-forming and self-healing properties enable rapid deployment and dependable operation. Firetide's AutoMesh routing protocol manages network load and traffic congestion to optimize mesh-wide performance and capacity.

Firetide's end-to-end solution includes HotPort nodes for mesh infrastructure, HotPoint access points for wireless access, HotView software for a complete management system, and HotView Controller for mesh and client mobility.

Dual-radio Performance

To maximize performance, dual-radio HotPort 6000 nodes support two radio modes. In the "bonded" mode, both radios are combined to operate as a single unit that provides double the bandwidth of a single radio equivalent. This is ideal for bandwidth-intensive application such as video surveillance, resulting in crystal clear video images. This mode also provides a "fat pipe" for point to point wireless backhaul - for example, to connect two mesh networks.

In the "linear" mode, both radios operate independently enabling sustained bandwidth levels over an unlimited number of hops. This enables long linear topologies, such as when networking a railway line, and provides a sustained level of service to every node, which is also critical for large municipal networks.


Single Infrastructure for Multi-user, Multi-service Wireless Network

The HotPort 6000 mesh solves the problem of having to build out dedicated wireless networks for multiple applications and users. With HotPort 6000 nodes, you can build a single infrastructure for public safety video, public Wi-Fi access, enterprise VPN, and voice traffic, dramatically reducing capital investment in the wireless backbone.

Convenient Network Expansion

You can extend your existing network, whether wired or wireless, with HotPort 6000 nodes and achieve seamless integration with all network components and applications. Multiple Ethernet ports allow connection of any networking device such as computers, wireless access points, IP surveillance cameras, sensors, and printers to the wireless mesh network.

HotPort 6000 indoor mesh node connectors

HotPort 6000 outdoor mesh node connectors

Advanced Mesh Mobility

All HotPort nodes can operate with the HotView Controller software for high speed infrastructure mobility, enabling reliable connectivity for Wi-Fi access on public transportation or video surveillance from moving police vehicles.

End-to-End Security

HotPort 6000 mesh nodes ensure maximum security and privacy of your data. They feature WEP and WPA2 encryption between nodes and AES encryption from ingress to egress. All Layer 3 IP data is encapsulated and accessible only to Firetide mesh nodes. HotPort nodes support VLANs, segmenting traffic with secure access control on the same physical infrastructure.

Key Applications

True multi-service networks providing a single infrastructure for video, public Wi-Fi access, enterprise VPN, and voice traffic.

Security and public safety
High-performance surveillance video with optimal frame rates and image resolution, giving you the ability to make any IP camera a wireless IP camera.

Reliable Wi-Fi access with high speed mobility and sustained bandwidth over a linear topology.

HotPoint Wireless Access Points

Firetide HotPoint wireless access points deliver a modular access solution for large scale, indoor and outdoor wireless mesh networks. Modular design enables full network and software integration of the access points with a Firetide wireless mesh network while at the same time permitting independent physical placement of the hardware to provide optimal accessibility for Wi-Fi clients.

Seamless Outdoor and Indoor Operation Outdoor HotPoint 4600 access points have rugged NEMA 4X/IP67-rated cast aluminum enclosures and have one weatherproof connector for attaching to a Firetide wireless mesh node or a conventional Ethernet port. These units support high gain antennas and can receive power directly from a connected mesh node eliminating the need for an external power supply.

Indoor HotPoint 4500 access points provide wireless access within buildings and moving vehicles. Each indoor access point has a UL2043 plenum-rated enclosure and an RJ-45 connector for attaching to a Firetide wireless mesh node or a conventional Ethernet port.

Access On or Off the Mesh

HotPoint wireless access points can be mounted to a Firetide mesh node to provide Wi-Fi access to any indoor or outdoor location without the need for backhaul cabling. HotPoint access points can also connect directly to a conventional wired infrastructure eliminating the need to install a mesh node in locations where wired connectivity is readily available.

Modularity for Flexible Placement

Unlike conventional mesh networks that combine mesh backhaul and Wi-Fi access in the same enclosure, Firetide mesh nodes and access points can be physically separated allowing system integrators to optimize RF separately for both the mesh backhaul as well as client access.

For example, in a multi-building mesh network, mesh nodes should be placed in areas that enable the best connectivity between buildings which is typically at higher locations. However the best locations for the access points tend to be lower to provide the best connectivity for Wi-Fi clients inside a building. Because the access points and mesh nodes are kept in separate enclosures, they can be independently positioned for optimal RF connectivity.

Single-point Network Management for Mesh and Access

Whether connected directly to a Firetide wireless mesh network or to a wired infrastructure, the HotPoint access points are fully integrated and managed with the same HotView software used to manage Firetide mesh nodes. HotView provides remote management from a centralized location and users can manage all mesh and access traffic from a single console.

Advanced Security and Performance Features

HotPoint access points operate in the 2.4 GHz band and feature WPA2 and WEP encryption, up to 16 SSIDs, industry compliant QoS, and durable enclosures. High-power radios with up to 400 mW provide extended reach and outstanding penetration.

Designed for Hot Spots

Layered service levels can be enabled through Virtual APs (VAPs) and Virtual AP Groups. Each HotPoint AP supports up to 16 VAPs, creating different logical networks with varying levels of security, access, and performance. Additional Hot Spot features include user-based rate limiting and intracell blocking.

HotPoint Wireless Access Point Specifications

Download HotPoint Data Sheet for additional information

Feature Benefit


  • HotPoint Outdoor Model: NEMA 4X/IP66-rated cast aluminum enclosure
  • HotPoint Indoor Model: UL2043 plenum-rated enclosures and can be installed in car trunks or enclosed air spaces.

Wireless Interface

  • IEEE 802.11b/g
  • Frequency range: 2.400 - 2.484 GHz
  • Transmit power up to 400 mW
  • Manual Transmit Power Control
  • 802.11d (Auto Channel Select)

Network Port

  • One 10/100 autosense Base-T port
  • IEEE 802.3,802.3u compliant
  • PD/PoE capable on HotPoint outdoor model


  • Up to 16 ESSIDs per HotPoint
  • 16 independent VLANS
  • DHCP client and server, separate DHCP range per SSID
  • WDS (Wireless Distribution System)
  • Up to 64 concurrent users simultaneously per HotPoint
  • Inter Access Point Protocol (IAPP) enabled per 802.11f
  • Fast handoff enabled
  • 108 Mbps Turbo Mode
  • 802.11e (WMM) (Quality of Service)
  • Zero user configuration

Security, Authentication and Encryption

  • 802.11i, WPA2
  • 40 bit, 104 bit WEP keys
  • 128 bit, 256 bit AES keys
  • 802.1x, RADIUS authentication
  • VPN tunneling and filtering
  • SSID suppression
  • Firewall
  • MAC access control
  • NAT
  • Rogue AP detection

Management and Configuration

  • Integrated mesh and access management
  • Multiple user interface options:
    - Centralized management via HotView or HotView Pro
    - Built-in web-based management
    - Command line interface (CLI)
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • Auto AP discovery
  • Physical AP grouping

HotSpot Services

  • Virtual AP Grouping
  • User-based rate limiting
  • Intercell/intracell blocking