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XP Remote Login Video Demo

Click on link above to download remote client.

The ISIS DVR supports remote PC viewing on the internet using a dedicated client application.
If you would like to use Internet Explorer click here U:Intec P:User

The client interface give you complete control of your DVR from any internet accessible PC.

You can review video and control PTZ cameras the same way you would as if you would if you were sitting at your DVR.

Click on the "Add" Button and the Login Information Screen below left will pop up.
Login Information Screen

Enter the information you see and enter "user" for Password. When you are finished press the "OK" button.
Completed Login Video Screen

Using your mouse, click on the line of data at the top of the dialog box. The line will become highlighted and you will see the Progress Bar filling up.
Running Login Video Screen

Soon you will be viewing live video.