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Pinhole Micro Camera

  These Super Durable Micro Pinhole Camera Lenses are built tough in the rugged style preferred by most police departments and narcotics units. The Super Durable Micro Pinhole Camera Lens rugged aluminum case is only 0.54 inch thick, making bodycam type concealments easy with the pinhole versions. All Super Durable Micro Pinhole Cameras run off of 12 volts DC and consume a low 100mA.

Price $129.00


  Self-contained PIR sensor has everything needed to monitor a room, all hidden within the sensor. The PIR sensor includes a covert camera with 48db low noise color CCD imager, hidden micro digital video recorder, and rechargeable lithium power cell. Video is stored on the internal 128Mb memory which expands up to 1GB with a removable SD card. Recording is triggered by motion within the 30' range of the PIR sensor or can be turned on via the supplied RF remote control. Get indefinite recording with the included power supply and overwrite feature on the recorder. PIR includes camera, recorder, video and USB cables, remote control, bracket, charger/power supply, instructions and 1 year warranty.

Price $349.00

Advanced Micro Digital Video Recorder

  Advanced micro recorder is the ideal recording device for body worn covert or concealment in objects This high resolution micro DVR has MPEG4 compression with a resolution of 720 x 480 at 30 fps.

  Micro DVR offers manual, schedule, auto and motion detection record modes to ensure you record what you need, when you need it The on screen date/time stamp and tamper proof watermarked frames guarantee reliability of video footage

   The advanced micro recorder has a built-in 2.5 inch LCD screen that allows for easy viewing on screen, complete with on screen date/time stamp and tamper proof watermarked frames, or you can easily offload video via SD card.

Price $861.00

Water Bottle Covert Camera

  Water bottle can be filled to add authenticity to your covert application. Covert camera produces 420 lines resolution and is hidden in a compartment under the label. Pair with a Sting DVR to get MPEG2 video compression in full D1 format, supporting up to 6 mbit/sec video bit rate.

  This clever water bottle covert camera works with the Sting DVR systems in order to provide a new level of video surveillance. Not just an ordinary water bottle (although the water bottle can be filled with water), this covert camera produces 420 lines of resolution and has a rechargeable Lithium ION battery.

  The water bottle camera is furnished in a hidden compartment concealed by a label. Add a Sting DVR for a complete covert system that can be activated with just a squeeze of the water bottle.

Price $2,248.00


Body Worn Wireless Audio Transmitter

   Provides over 4 hours of continuous operation on 6 AA batteries. Comes with wide-range audio/video receiver, antennas, battery packs, power supplies, waterproof hard case and 1 year warranty

  It’s always a fine balance between the physical size of a transmitter and the power output which is especially true for wireless body-worn applications. The 1.2GHz audio/video link strikes the perfect balance with its slender profile of just 0.21 inches and the RF horsepower of 100mw providing a concealable yet powerful combination.

  Not only is the 1.2GHz audio/video link’s power to size balanced, it’s also efficient drawing just 100ma @ 6 volts providing over 4 hours of continuous operation on 6 AA batteries. At this low voltage the transmitter emits no detectable heat, making it ideal for extended usage..

Price $7,499.00