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NUUO NV 2040 NV 4080


With Linux embedded system the NVR offers the most stable, open, easy installation and free from virus attack platform for small to mid-size factories, buildings, supermarket, office, transportation system, and homes.

This unique and mini NVR-S supports 2/4 hard disks, and 4/8 IP cameras. It's an open platform, and will support more IP camera brands in the future. Moreover, it is featured with its easy installation. Without installing any specific software or hardware, the installation process is just only the action plug, then play.

Applying Internet Explorer as its application, users can do the live view or playback functions everywhere through internet. Thanks for internet application, NVRmini is designed simpler than normal NVR standalone and can be your cost efficient solution when choosing. Meanwhile, NVRmini applies RAID technology. With RAID technology, NVRmini will increase the data transfer rate and ensure continuous system operation in the event of a disk drive failure.

Utilizing NUUO specific NVR technology, it is featured with event trigger recording, online GUI recording schedule, instant playback system, intelligent search in 5 ways, real-time AV viewer, and I/O device integration. Initiative of NVRmini technologies, NUUO sets the bar of IVS industry. Pioneering in NVRmini once again proved that NUUO is the NO.1 brand.



Feature Highlights

Linux based NVR standalone
Free from PC crash and virus attack
Easy installation solution
Open platform for 8 brands IP cameras
Web-based network appliance architecture
Recording without PC turning on
Support D1, real-time recording
Manage 4/8 IP Cameras
Real-Time A/V viewer
Intelligent search in 5 ways
Instant playback control
I/O device integration
Online GUI recording schedule
Up to 2/4 SATA 3G/s drives
Support 2/4 bay hard disk spaces
RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) system
Supported by NUUO CMS
NUUO NV-2040 NV-4080