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Real-Time GPS Mobile Monitoring

If your business depends upon managing your mobile assets, now you can depend on new low cost cutting-edge GPS technologies to expand your static monitoring system into a dynamic mobile tracking service. Effortlessly. Cost-effectively. Sound good? It only gets better.

Real-time Tracking
You can now track - in real time, any time, 24/7 - one vehicle, some vehicles or all their vehicles, individually or simultaneously, and keep them on track live. You know where they are, where they've been and the best way to get there again tomorrow. Now it's better already.

Fleet Management
GPS mobile monitoring sets and tracks routes, speeds and zones; it increases productivity, improves customer service and offers real-time safety. And better yet, it increases profitability...yours and theirs.

Advanced GEO Fencing
Still better, the GPS mobile monitoring system can set and re-set specifically designed zones, with alarm notification, if breached; it can route and re-route, with updates on schedules and delivery; and it can do it all instantly, continuously and seamlessly. Your mobile monitoring will help you create a new profit center from your current customer base. It's a value-added service that will upgrade your security, and enhance your position as a smart and savvy business owner. Call (206) 528-2582 for consultion and price quote.

This unit works virtually anywhere! Even when line of sight to satellites is not available, it reports data via the CDMA service with cellphone triangulation!

  • Hybrid GPS / Cell phone triangulation, CDMA system operating anywhere within Sprint PCS coverage range
  • Click to locate instantly on demand
  • Cell phone technology tracks unit even if indoors, or concealed inside objects
  • Perfect for tracking of objects where tracking device can be deep concealed inside of an object or vehicle
  • Battery life from 2-10 days

Comes with tracker, charger, instructions, and service activation information. Service available in 3,6,12mth terms. Service plans vary by device, but start at $19.95 per month. Average police agency will typically choose to operate on a plan averaging $30-40 per month. Call for plan details.

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