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NDVR Hybrid DVR - 64 Channel Hybrid

64 Channel Network Digital Video Recorder

Install the latest IP cameras without removing the original analog system. By installing NUUO video capture card SCB series along with NUUO surveillance management software. NUUO-NDVR the "Hybrid Solution" enables IP and analog suveillance cameras to work together within the application. NUUO Hybrid solution can manage a comprehensive combe of 64 channels simultaneously. The hybrid solution is the cost-effective solution for any small to mid size factories, buildings, and homes.

Capture cards compress video in 2 ways, H.264 hardware compression for stability and MPEG-4 for your convenience. The software features with NUUO NVR system, dual monitor display, "Smart Guard" detection in 6 ways, instant response in 6 ways plus 3GPP support, intelligent search for detected events, GUI recording schedule, real-time A/V viewer and filter, video enhancement tools, instant playback system, complete system and event log database, and I/O device intergration.

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Features Highlight
Manage a comprehensive combo of 64 channels from IP and analog cameras
Dual monitor Real-Time display and Playback with HD quality at 30FPS
"Smart Guard system" with 6 kinds of video analytics and 6 kinds of instant response
GUI Recording Schedule
Intelligent search for easy locating of recorded events
Real-Time A/V multi-events viewer and filter
Video Quality Enhancement Tools
1280 X 1024 or above recording resolution
Instant Playback System
Complete system and event log database.
Counting application for people and traffic amount control
PTZ reaction presets and distance operations
I/O device integration
Easy camera setup
Live viewer with 3GPP supports




Recording FPS


Video Compression Format


Audio Supports

Unlimited / 2 way audio

Divided Screen

1 / 4 / 6 / 9 / 10 / 13 / 16 / 25 / 36 / 49 / 64

Video Analytics

General motion, Missing Object, Foreign Object, Camera Occlusion, Lose Focus, Signal Lost.

Recording Type

Motion Record, Event Record, Record by Schedule, Manual Record

Instant Response Mode

On Monitor, E-mail, Phone Call, Digital Audio, IO devices, Preset PTZ Activate, SMS Message, Send to Central Server

Supported OS

Windows 2000/2003, Window XP

Camera Analog Camera (Max. 32)

Network Camera

Analog + Network
(Max. 64)

Mega Pixel Camera

Analog + Mega Pixel
(Max. 36)


Video Capture Cards
16ch X 2, 8ch X 4, 4ch X 8

Management Software

Capture Device +
Management Software


H.264 Hardware Compression
SCB-5000 series (ch: 4/8/16)

IP series

IP+ series

NUUO Hybrid Solution

MPEG-4 Software Compresion
SCB-4000 series (ch: 16)
SCB-3000 series (ch: 4.8.16)
SCB-2000 series (ch: 4.8 )
SCB-1000 series (ch: 4.8)

* For details of capture cards, please refer to " Capture Devices Specifications "