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Terra PTZ - Long range surveillance up to 60,000Ft (20KM)

The Terra PTZ is designed for a wide range of applications: Military (border, base and perimeter guarding), Construction (civil and corporate), Law Enforcement (police, prison, etc.) and Critical Infrastructure (airports, roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, dams, malls, parks, parking lots, seaports, etc)..

  • World Leading 200x optical zoom
  • Long range surveillance up to 60,000Ft (20KM)
  • IR tuned optics 20~2000mm (2x magnifier)
  • Turn-key 24/7 CCTV surveillance solution
  • Accurate micro-step, adjustable speed, endless PTZ operation
  • Monitor and control remotely via wired or wireless networks
  • Reliable solid state IR bulb exceeds 100,000 hours
  • Day-Night filter, extreme 0.000005 sensitivity at night
  • 1/2EMCCD IR optimized camera renders superb images
  • IR band pass filter (IBPF) provides 40% better images in fog
  • Built-in RS485/Pelco-D receiver for operation and control
  • 60 PTZ Preset zones & tours for unmanned operation
  • Call (206) 528-2582 for pricing

Medium Range IR - GVS1000 Viewing Station

The Global View Station 1000 (GVS1000) delivers long range day/night pan-tilt-zoom surveillance. Active Infrared allows for night vision ideal for identification as well as the reading of identifying characters. The GVS1000 integrates with conventional CCTV systems, allowing for remote video pan-tilt-zoom control. Additionally, GVS1000 can be integrated with radar systems for "Seek and Define" proactive security.

  • World Class Level 60X Optical Zoom
  • Available in 1/2, and 1/3 Inch Format
  • Automatic Chromatic Aberration Compensator
  • Serial Interface for control via PC
  • Wide-band special lens coating
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Provides round-the-clock sharp images
  • Call (206) 528-2582 for pricing