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Realtime 1080p TRUE HD Security Cameras

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Which type of Security Camera should I use?

A security camera can come in many different styles including dome, bullet, infrared and c-mount.   The security camera that will work best for your application will depend on several factors such as whether you will use the security cameras inside or out, during the day, nighttime, or both.

Dome security cameras protect the lens from dust, dirt and scratching with a "Dome" shaped cover. These cameras are easy to mount in acoustic tile ceiling, and can blend in to most environments with little notice. Click here to to learn more dome security cameras.

Bullet style security cameras are the most popular. They can be used inside or out. These security cameras come in black and white or color and come with all of the required mounting hardware. Most security cameras have a fixed 4mm lens that allows you to see facial features out to about 35 feet and provides a 70 degree angle of view. Click here for more information about bullet security cameras.

Resolution levels for black and white security cameras are currently at 700 TV Lines, any higher and the benefits are minimal. . Today's megapixel cameras display video at over 2,592 TV Lines.

Infrared security cameras are also very popular as they allow an image to be seen in little or no lighting conditions. Most infrared security cameras are bullet style and can be used inside or out. The cameras have infrared lighting installed around the outer edge of the lens which allows the security camera to see in no light for up to 25 feet - even further with a little bit of light (like street lighting or an outside light.) Click here for more information about infrared security cameras.

C-mount cameras use a universal lens mount which fits all lens sizes( 4mm, 6mm, 22mm - 1500mm). Varifocal camera lenses allow you to adjust the focus from 5 to 60 mm and up without changing leses. C-mount cameras can be seen in many banks , whereas dome cameras can be seen in coffee shops like Starbucks. Click here for more details about C-mount security cameras or camera lenses.